Paris Crayton III

Playwright / Actor / Director / Teaching Artist/ Inspirationalist

What is your safe-haven?


Will we ever catch a break? It seems as if every single day, we wake up to more bad news. No matter where we turn, something will eventually remind us that our world is dark, and getting darker. If it's not stories of cheating teachers who've been sentenced to 20 years in prison, it's another black man/teen has been killed by a police officer. I could go on and on with the stories of our harsh realities but there's no need. You already know. 

So how does one maintain a cool head in the midst of warfare? With social media being the norm nowadays, and everyone's opinions flying your way at the speed of light, it's common-place to want weigh in on the subjects that affect you. I've made the decision to not post anything that might bring someone sadness. I try my best to be a light in a dark world, and I realize that everything that I do has to encompass that. So what is my release? How do I get my voice and opinions out to the world?


Art is where I am free to let it all out and still feel completely safe. I can scream, vent, punch, kick, and kill with art and ultimately, it's for a greater good. No where else in the world do I feel as free than when art is near. It banishes all of the self induced limitations, and proves the world is mine, if only for a moment. It is my safe-haven.  What's yours?

It is extremely important to have some sort of "release." Something that helps you while not damaging those around you. Something or someplace, where you are free to do whatever it is you need to do to face another day. In a world that seems to be on a downward spiral, you need that thing that makes you, YOU! Find whatever that is, relish in it and change the world. We're waiting...