Paris Crayton III

Playwright / Actor / Director / Teaching Artist/ Inspirationalist

L.E.A.P. "Remember YOU"

When I was younger, I was a huge gamer. I had every system. My dad would buy all of the newest games and consoles as soon as they came out. He even bought me a Colecovision (google it) before I was born. (My dad probably bought it for himself, but I like to say it was mine.) Out of all these games I had a few favorites, and a little race car game called F-Zero was one of them. I would spend hours racing until I finally got to the point where I knew all of the courses like the back of my hand. So what does one do when they've reached the end of a game and completed all the race tracks? Send the company new ones of course. Me and my best friend Donnie would sit in our stairwell and carefully plot each course. With the skill of Walt Disney, we would draw these race tracks, that would be included in the next game. They had to be perfect. We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the game gods would receive our tracks and include them in the next installment.  So after our works of art were complete, we mailed them off to game land and then waited to play our new and slightly better version. 

As a child my imagination would sore. I've always been a writer and back then, I would write more often and different genres. Poetry, plays, music, novels, short stories, love letters, class notes; all of this was possible and ready to be created by my hands. No one could tell me that I couldn't do it  because it was already done. As an adult, I'm still writing, but my imagination has been slightly jolted. I guess that's what happens when you grow up. But why? Think about how creative and innovative we would be if we took that childlike imagination and applied it to everyday life. Back to the days when the word "impossible" didn't exist.

Take a challenge and remember you! Do something you haven't done in a while. Create! Draw a picture. Write a poem. Play! When was the last time you went outside just to play? How about we all go to the park and play one giant game of freeze tag. We'll put our feet in a circle and chant "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe..." to choose who's it. Do you remember how fun that use to be? Why can't we do it again? As adults, we take on a narrow view of the world and what we can do. Those who break away from that view go on to be the people we celebrate. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Einstein, J.K. Rowling, and others let their imaginations soar and look where it landed them. Or course we don't know if we'll ever be as rich and famous as them, but I think remembering who we are is a step in the right direction. . Always shoot for the moon, if you fall short, at least you'll be among the stars! A few more F-Zero games were made by the way and to those that created them, You're welcome!